Departing from Ceduna

February ~ April

***Unfortunately due to unforeseen events, we will not be operating the expeditions in 2024

Accommodating up to 10 expeditioners and 3 crew, this tour is the ULTIMATE bucket list experience, but it is certainly not for the faint hearted! 

Our base camp, overlooking Petrel Bay on St Francis Island, is 60km off the mainland, making it the most remote island camping adventure in South Australia. 

Over 4 days and 3 nights, you'll explore new islands, beaches and reefs - splendours which so few have ever experienced.

For avid bird watchers, the Nuyts Archipelago is a sanctuary for a variety of pelagic birdlife. This expedition aims to capture the nesting and mating season of the short-tailed shearwaters, which St Francis Island alone has a population of over 273,000 pairs.

The nights out here are like no other – sitting around a campfire on the beach with a wine in hand and good company, or lying in the comfort of your double swag under a million stars which light up the sky.  Our expeditioners step out of their comfort zone and embrace the raw beauty and untapped wilderness that the isolated archipelago delivers.

Inclusions :

  • All camping & safety equipment
  • Double swag for each guest
  • Toilet, shower & kitchen facilities
  • Beach front camp fire
  • Diving with blue grouper
  • Reef snorkelling
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Cliff jumping
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Hiking and nature walks
  • Fishing
  • Nocturnal tours - including possible viewings of little penguins & brush-tailed bettongs
  • Astrophotography
  • All meals, including local Eyre Peninsula meats & seafood
  • Morning & afternoon tea
  • Adelaide Hills Bird in Hand wines
  • Beer, cider & soft drinks
  • Tea, hot chocolate & fresh brewed coffee
  • Experienced and knowledgable tour guides

**Please note: Whilst every effort is made to view & interact with marine mammals and wildlife - sightings and interactions can NOT be guaranteed

$3000 pp

Departing from Ceduna, SA




"I had my EP Cruises Nuyts Archipelago adventure in February 2021. In a world turned upside down by pandemic this trip was a wonderful escape into a world that is grounded, timeless and jaw-droppingly beautiful.  The marine life above and below the water was worth the experience of itself. But the way the EP Cruises team lived and modelled a sensitive conservation ethic made me realise I had joined the right crew. This conservation ethic, and the education around it, was at the core of our 4-day experience.  What a privilege to wake up on a remote island on the edge of the Southern Ocean and observe an ecosystem oblivious to the human hand.  We had close encounters with sea lions, dolphins, fish of the great southern reef, shearwaters, reptiles, intertidal creatures. We had stunning sunsets and talked into the night under a chandelier of southern stars. I shared with our skipper Rod one morning that there are rare moments when you feel truly alive, when you’re in the moment, and you feel connected with everything around you. I had many moments like this on Nuyts Archipelago with EP Cruises." - David D

"I was part of a group that did Rod's trial scuba diving trip to the Nuyts Archipelago (usually the water activities have included snorkeling, paddle boarding, swimming, and maybe hookah diving - scuba involves taking a lot more gear, so it was a new venture). Firstly, I have to say that the whole 4 days was a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience! We were incredibly lucky with the weather window and had a good 4-hour trip out and an even better one back (so no seasickness!) - our Day 3 cruise to some of the other islands was beautiful, the sun shone the whole time and the nights were warm, with a cooling breeze. The buzzword for the trip and a running joke was "Awesome!" - and it really was!  St Francis Island where the camp site is situated is a pristine, wilderness spot - with some old homestead ruins, spectacular beaches, bays with crystal clear blue water, and a rocky coastline with great granite boulders and slopes. Wildlife included dolphins, the occasional sea lion, bandicoots and large skinks; also reputed to have a large snake population, but they stayed away and we only saw one beautiful young carpet python (highlight for me, I love snakes!). Snorkeling, we saw large blue groper on the reef right near the beach, plus many other fish - and we were often joined by a curious sea lion. Of course, swimming with the resident pod of dolphins is a highlight! The other constant companions were hundreds of sand flies, which have a very nasty bite - so be sure to bring plenty of insect repellant and antihistamine cream (the plus side is that if you squish them you can feed the occasional skinks that ventures into the gazebo!). The swags provided are very comfortable and reasonably easy to assemble and pack up (and the crew will always help if you have difficulty). Breakfast was in the gazebo that we set up on arrival and dinner was on the beach with a glass of wine or a beer and a spectacular sunset. The food was plentiful and good.  The crew are amazing! Rod is so passionate about the islands, the wildlife, the ecology and getting people to see how great the area is - Jai, deckhand, head chef and bottlewasher, porter and all-around legend(!) and Trevor, who came along to generally help out with the boat and everything else and was so kind to an old crock like me! Activities other than scuba included a hike, snorkeling, swimming and a cruise to Maslin Island for a dive - we needed more time to do and see all that was on offer!  The scuba experience? - amazing dive sites with loads of fish (especially Blue Groper) and great walls, bommies and ledges. Rod is still discovering the best spots, but has made a good start.  Okay, so I've raved about all the positives (and there were so many!) - now a couple of words of caution. Sadly, I am getting old and arthritic and, other than underwater, I am quite physically impaired, so the hike from the beach up the sandy hill to the campsite was a challenge, especially carrying anything - so that put an extra imposition on the crew, who gallantly carried my gear for me. I decided I couldn't manage the 4-hour hike, but was very happy swimming and pottering on the beach or reading while the others went. Getting into and out of the tender boat is easy for most levels of fitness, but I did need help (which was always forthcoming). I had a sturdy walking stick, which was a life-saver. Before attempting the trip you do need to assess whether your level of fitness or physical health is up to the challenge - I would suggest talking to Rod before making the commitment.  This is a trip of a lifetime - something that not many people have seen and a chance to experience a true pristine wilderness. If you can, Do It!" - Steph G

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