Our names are Rod and Simone Keogh.  We are a husband and wife team, with two young daughters, Mya and Indi.

Growing up in coastal towns in Western Australia, we have both spent the majority of our lives in and on the water.

Rod, originally from the South Coast of WA, was surfing and windsurfing from a very early age, which he remains avidly passionate about.  A boat builder by trade, he moved on to spending some time in the Royal Australian Navy as a Clearance Diver, and continued his diving career in the commercial offshore industry.

Simone, originally from the North West of WA, spent most weekends sailing the Dampier Archipelago.  On finishing school, she also pursued a career in the Royal Australian Navy as a Communicator and spent several years at sea.

With our combined love of the ocean, passion for marine mammals and drive to create and share something different and special with others....we formed the beginings of what would become 'Fowlers Bay Eco Tours' in Winter and 'EP Cruises' in Summer.


Our very first personal on water interaction with these enormous, yet, surprisingly gentle animals was in 2009. It was utterly breath-taking and I’m sure our hearts skipped a beat as a 60ft female Southern Right Whale swam gracefully below our seemingly tiny 20ft boat, ‘Jaguar’. As she surfaced 100ft on the other side of us, we laughed hysterically at the sheer thrill and exhilaration of our encounter. Our curiosity for these mysterious animals got the better of us, and we found ourselves wanting to find out more about the Southern Right Whale. We wanted to share our new-found passion with others and so in 2010 we opened our boat to the public. Over the seasons, not only have we identified so many individual Southern Right Whales, we have been fortunate enough to get to know them, welcome their calves, watch them grow and develop their own little personalities. We respect them, and because of this, they have allowed us, on so many occasions, to share in this small snippet of their wonderful world.

Fowlers Bay Eco Tours is our winter component of our tourism venture.  We relocate ourselves and 'Asherah' to Fowlers Bay for Term 3 of each school year to embrace the annual Southern Right Whale migration.  Although this may seem, to some, a strange or brash move with school age children, our girls love the excitement and atmosphere of the whales, the adventure and wildness of the beaches and mountainous sand dunes, the memorable, special and quality times we spend together as a family.  Just as much, they love their little and comfortable community school in Penong, the exciting and boisterous school bus trips, and being reunited with their welcoming and beautiful friends and teachers of Penong Primary School. 


For the school terms 1, 2 and 4, we call Streaky Bay home.  It is such a sensational, simple and friendly little town offering everything that we need and want - from our wonderful little corner coffee shop, to our family friendly pub, to our beautiful ocean front restaurant for those special nights that we rarely find the opportunity to enjoy.  It has a small array of fantastic little shops, and an everyday relaxed, holiday feeling to it.  The scenery is beyond incredible with the most picturesque beaches and coastlines and it hosts a perfectly fitting lifestyle for our family.

Marked as the Seafood Frontier - Streaky Bay has an abundance of delectable seafood that frequents our home in personally created fine dining experiences.  This was the driving force for the creation of our Streaky Bay compontent - EP Cruises - and in particular - the prestige 'Ocean to Plate'.  

Partnered with our mastermind friend and culinary chef, Brock Trezona, we have spent the past year testing and tasting our exciting ideas.  Each weekend, our little families would become the guinea pigs for our hunter-gatherer expeditions, our four daughters would excitedly squeal when they spotted a blue swimmer crab or razor fish amongst the weed, although their spotting careers were quickly thrown out the window as they became distracted and entertained on the  bow by the frequently visiting local sea lions and dolphins.  

Produce, wines and many receipes were tried, tasted and tested.   Delicate culinary arts were mastered, and our oenophilia (love of wine) was utilised to create somewhat of a sommelier.

The Family Fun Cruise, is by far our favourite cruise.  Loving a little adventure ourselves, its based around an array of family friendly watersports, lots of fun, good food and laughs.

The selection of tours that we offer in Streaky Bay are purely to share with others a small fragment of the life and town that we love.  

We are so incredibly proud and lucky to call Streaky Bay, and the Eyre Peninsula our home. 


Fowlers Bay Eco Park Pty Ltd

ATF Fowlers Bay Eco Park Trust

ABN 82 184 990 855

TRADING AS :  Fowlers Bay Eco Tours (Winter Whale Watching Cruises)

TRADING AS : EP Cruises (Summer Streaky Bay Cruises)